Life Update: “Adulting”

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I wanted to take a moment to share a life update because it’s something that I am processing in real time about myself.  I am coming to a point for the first time in my life where I am needing to make all sorts of “adult” decisions.  I admit there was a time in my life where I would never have dreamed that in just 3 months I would have made so many adult decision, and have a few more that I need to make soon.  I never dreamed that I would get excited about things like saving for retirement or have multiple savings accounts each with a different purpose in mind.  I never thought I would get to a place where I would feel like I was finally becoming an adult yet completely inadequate at the same time.  I have a history of being too hard on myself for a lot of things, and that has been something that I have been trying to work through.  I never dreamed that the days, weeks, and years of my life would go by as fast as they go by these days.  I am doing my best to not compare my life to anyone else around me.  Comparison has brought me nothing of benefit and I don’t want to be a slave to it any longer.  Sure there of people much younger than me who society would say have their adulting life much more put together than I do, but I am me and the truth is there is not timeline that is one size fits all.  I have had many unique and wonderful experiences that I would not have had had I followed the timeline that society tries to force everyone to believe in the right fit for them.  I would not trade any of those experiences for the world because they helped to make me who I am today.  I am excited for the days and months ahead, as I am slowly moving toward making more and more adult type decisions.  I have so many grand and wonderful plans, but I have also learned the importance of being flexible because things may not always go as expected.  I am 3 months into a job that I am loving, but also a job that I one of the most challenging things I have ever done physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I have learned a LOT in these past 3 months, and I know that while I have my educational background  there is still much that I have left to learn, and that is ok.  I am FAR from perfect, and I know I still have so much room to grow, but I am doing my best with what I have learned thus far.  I am thankful to have a great team around me.  Tonight was a perfect example of just how perfect a team this team can be.  I was feeling overwhelmed about being the person to close, and everyone who on closing shift did what they could to make sure we got all the work done and still got off at a reasonable time.  My team was the definition of “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” today.  I am thankful for their patience with me as I am getting my sea legs after I was unexpectedly put out in the deep blue ocean due in part to Corona Virus.  I am excited about my future in the world of veterinary medicine and I am also excited about the future of this very blog and all of it’s social media companions.  I am enjoying sharing with each and every person who visits these sites.  I pray that someone finds encouragement or inspiration from what I have to share.  Remember that just because someone else is successful in a certain way it does not take away from your success.  Also, don’t feel like the expectations of this social professional timeline are one size fits all.  Success comes in many forms and in many ways.  Your success and your path is just that, your own.  Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams and  to dream BIG!   Cheers to the adventure that awaits!

Confessions of One “Essential” Worker

Hello Friends,

I know it has been a while since I posted on here.  As we all are probably aware by now this COVID-19 ordeal is a “life-changing” world event.  I never dreamed that I would live through something like this, let alone be 1-1.5 months into a new job where I am still learning the ropes when the reality of this truly set in.  I am overwhelmed by not only the things that most of us are overwhelmed by when it comes to new jobs, but also trying to learn how to operate in this new “normal” we are all in the midst of because of this disease.  My heart literally aches for everyone who is directly or directly affected by this virus.  I am scared about the reality of what it means for me to be in the midst of being a “essential” and to keep on keeping on in the midst of all of this.  Part of me is so very thankful to still have a job and an income, and the other part of me is scared to death to go into work no knowing what could happen.  Please do not think that just because you are not in a “high risk” category that you can do as you please.  There are so many of us who are doing our best while at the same time not really truly knowing what to do to make sure that we don’t put those around us in danger.  I’m not perfect, by far, but I am doing to best I know to do right now in the midst of all this.  My biggest fear is putting someone I love in danger simply because of what I am called to do as an essential worker.  True veterinary medicine is not on the frontline of this human disease, but we are still out there because just because the world is in the midst of chaos does not mean that animals still don’t get sick.  I know that so many are taking this serious, and to those people I have to say thank you.  I never knew the strength I would need to face this reality that I am currently faced with, and there are days where I wonder if I can muster that strength for even one more day.  I am an introvert by nature, but even I miss being able to be around loved ones beyond those with whom I live.  Those I live with are the very ones I am most anxious for because the reality is that my very job puts them at risk, and that hurts my heart in a way that I can’t even put into words.  Please do not think that this can’t or won’t affect you because it puts others at risk.  If you don’t have to go out for something that is absolutely essential/emergency in nature please stay home.  We will only get through this together.  Today was the first day in weeks that I have even felt like putting on makeup.  Over the past year or so putting on makeup has become something that I enjoy and has been enjoyable for me as I play around to see what kind of products I like and what they can do.  But with everything going on over the last few weeks I couldn’t even muster the drive to spend the time doing this simple thing that I enjoyed because I had so much on my heart and mind and was so overwhelmed.  I admit that it felt great to play around with makeup yet again.  My prayer is that we are reaching the turning point in this pandemic.  I know I am not alone, and that there are so many others out there (especially medical professionals and first responders) who are our frontline defense who are feeling the burden.  Then there are also my “fellow essentials” who are still out in the midst of this who are helping to keep the world running while we battle this invisible enemy.  To everyone of you, thank you, and we will defeat this together.  Please just think beyond yourself, and together we will come out of this stronger.  I find it appropriate that for the Christian community (and really The Universal Church) that this past Sunday was the beginning of something called Holy Week, where we celebrate and remember the final week of Jesus’ life here on earth before He faced The Cross.  This upcoming Sunday we celebrate the healing and restoration that His death on the cross and resurrection made possible.  The reality that we need a Savior seems ever more real in the current state of the world today.  I believe we will see the other side of this, no matter how hopeless it may seem right now.  My heart aches to be able to celebrate Easter with my church family, but just because the Church building is empty doesn’t mean that Easter and the hope that it provides is canceled.  Deliverance is coming!  Until then, let’s help and take care of each other the best that we know how.  

Love Ya’ll, and Stay Strong,


Working Woman

I just passed the one month mark at my new job, and I have already learned and experienced so much.  I also know that there is so much more that I have yet to experience.  Today, was a (forbidden word) at the clinic, and I spent most of my shift deep cleaning, but I was also able to try my hand at some tasks that I have yet to master.  I didn’t meet with 100% success, but life goes on.  I am proud myself for how my bathroom deep cleaning skills impressed the management (the two folks who hired me and blessed me with this opportunity to work in Vet Med).  It is crazy to think that I am already working on month two at this job.  Life in general isn’t always perfect, but I at least feel “seen” here and for that I am grateful.  I have been on-the-go for the past month, since I am halfway living in two different towns/counties at the moment.  This has been a huge learning opportunity for me, and I know that I have much left to learn.  I  am so happy to be able to share a tiny piece of my life with you all, and I am so very blessed to be on the journey that I am right now.  Time sure does go by fast these days, and I don’t always invest as much into this blog and it’s social media counterparts as I would like, but if you are taking the time to read this please know that I am blessed by you.  I am currently dreaming up some content that I would like to share through this blog and all the related social media, so please keep your eyes open for more to come.  Today’s message is just a short and sweet one to let you all know that I am so very blessed by those of you who read my blog.  I am so very glad that you are on this journey with me.  Here’s to the adventure that awaits.

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Goodwill & TJMaxx

TJMaxx Haul

Hello Friends,
Since I am still in a transition kind of time in my life I went on a Goodwill and TJMaxx adventure today after I got off work.  There were a few items that I was looking for and in need of to make my life more organized and easier.  First stop was Goodwill (Haul Photo not taken).  I found a couple items at Goodwill: 
*  A Plastic organization drawer
*  Copy of James Harriot’s All Things Wise and Wonderful
*  Something I felt like would make a good gift for someone in my life…perhaps Christmas (yes, I know it’s only February)

TJMaxx was the next stop and I found a few items that I am REALLY excited about trying and other items that will just make my life more simple.
*  The cell phone Charger cord and outlet plug will keep me from having to constantly travel and move around the one that I have since I am more or less living in two different places at the moment.
*  Tom’s Deodorant- This product I am excited about trying because I am looking for a more natural Cruelty-Free deodorant that might work for me.
*  Crest Breathe Spray because nice breathe is always important
*  alba botanical hydration sensation water gel- This face cream is something new I wanted to try to help me care for my Skin
*  First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream- I am also excited to try this skincare item
*  Milani Bold Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette- I am LOVING this color story, and I look forward to seeing how I like this product
* alba botanica fast fix for under eye circles- I and interested to see how this works
*  elf Antioxidant Booster Drops- Another skincare item that I am interested to see how I like it
*  Deep Cleansing Pore Scrubbers-  Tried one for the first time tonight and I’m loving how it feels
*  Finally… “Central Perk” Friends Inspired Mug…I was SO EXCITED about this find because Friends is one of my FAVORITE Tv show, and let’s be honest I love me some coffee. 

Target Haul Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share some exciting finds I had a target today.  Some of these items I am familir with:

  1.  Nature Valley Buscuits (Almond Butter)- They are VERY YUMMY
  2. Pretzel Crisp (Everything)- These are also tasty, and an enjoyable/easy snack

There are other items that I am wanting to give a try:

  1.  Tazo Zen Tea- Tried it for the first time tonight and it was yummy and perfect for how I was feeling today.  Thanks to one of my favorite Youtube ladies (Jessica Braun) for the reccomendation. 
  2. Good & Gather Fruit Strips (Stawberry, Wild Berry)- These sounded like they would be tasty and perhaps a more healthy alternative to fruit roll ups

Finally…I am trying to make more environmentally and ecomonic decesions and I found these awesome reuseable zip-lock bags in sandwich and snack bag size by (re)zip.  These bags are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditonal zip-lock bags and I am excited to see how they work.

Those are the most exciting finds I had today, and while I am familiar with a few of these items I was still excited to find them because they are going to be helpful for me in the coming days.  I am looking forward to trying the items that are new to me.

What have you found at Target or anywhere else that you have found helpful for your life or just exciting?

Next Day Update…

So it is the next day and thought I would add an update about a new of the items I got in my Target Haul Yesterday to let you know my thoughts.

I had one of the Nature Vally Almond Butter Biscuits and as I knew it was tasty, however I had forgotten just how tasty.  They are perfection in my humble opinion.  For lunch I an Oscar Myer Punchable (not pictured but purchased during this haul) and it had crackers along with cheese and salami.  This was tasty also.  For a snack I had the Strawberry Fruit Strip and it sort of reminded me about a fruit roll-up (just shorter).  Again, this was yummy.  It has been a tasty foods kind of day for me, and I am thankful for these food items that were not a disappointment.

Life Update: February 2020

Hello Friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit of a life update with you.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks and months for me.  I started a new job and I am enjoying this learning opportunity and all that it has to offer.  I am feeling blessed to have found what I believe to be an amazing hospital full of great and wonderful co-workers.  It has been a bit bittersweet for me, but I am so glad to have this opportunity.  There are so many wonderful blessings that have come my way as a result or that seem to partner with this job opportunity….including the new challenges and growth opportunities.

I am adjusting physically as well as mentally and emotionally to this new chapter in my life.  As I write this I am feeling great and worn out all the the same time.  I spent the night taking care of myself after a full day on my feet.  Self-care is so very important for your health, and I wanted to take the opportunity to care for myself by taking care of my hard working feet and legs, and by watching one of my favorite youtube creators.

I am taking some time to adjust to my new normal and I have not been sharing as much on my Social Accounts, Youtube, or this Blog as I would really like to.  I am glad that I am able to share a bit of my life with you all.  I hope that all is well with each of you.  I am glad that you are on this journey with me.

Apart from the new job there is a lot of other things going on in my life as well.  It has been a crazy season in my life, but I am blessed.  I am hoping to be able to share a bit more on here and on social media in the coming weeks.  Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and please know that you are a blessing to me, and I am wishing you and yours the best.

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How Others View Me Is Not Always About Me

Hello Friends,

I wanted to take a moment and share something that I struggle with in real time and everyday life, and that is the fact that I want everyone to like me, and to please everyone.  Well, there is a part of me that KNOWS it is impossible to please everyone, and that striving to do so will only hurt me, but it is still something that I deal with on an almost daily basis both in my “real” life as well as here on the internet.  I don’t like when I feel misunderstood or even at time attacked because of a situation where either I didn’t say something in the most “perfect” way or when someone who knows nothing about me feels the need to be mean.  This is just something that has bothered me.  My girl Rachel Hollis is constantly reminding me that “Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business,” and while I am trying to learn to live into that there are days where it is the hardest thing I have ever done because of how I am wired.  I am learning that I don’t have to defend myself or to “join in” on every fight or disagreement or feel the need to justify or explain myself or apologize for being imperfect.  The fact of the matter is I am human, and I will sometimes say things that show I am human and imperfect.  I do my best to try to be mindful or things, but I am no perfect and I will make mistakes.  Attacking someone for being human instead of trying to understand where they are coming from is what I believe starts a lot of the mess that goes on on the internet in today’s world.  If people would take the moment to realize that not everything needs a response and you don’t have to join in every battle you are invited to on the internet then it can make life so much easier.  Rachel Hollis also constantly reminds me that what someone else thinks or says about me (especially strangers on the internet) is more a reflection of what is going on in their heart and minds than it is about me.  This is something that I don’t think a lot of people think about, but it has a lot of truth to it.  I am so thankful for that reminder in my life, especially in those moments where I feel cornered by strangers or someone who really doesn’t know me (which is a LOT of people because I am a very introverted person and don’t always share a lot with those around me).

Anyway, as I said this is a struggle that I face in my life in real time most days both on the internet and off.  I have spent so much of my time trying to please so many people, and I just simply can’t spend my life trying to live up to someone else’s expectations of me.  I will not apologize for being me, and part of being me is I am human and I will make mistakes.  If I feel like it for some reason needs a apology then I will respond in such a manner, but my point is I am imperfect and I will make mistakes.  I have always struggled to find the right words in certain situations for fear of offending people.  I am just going to work toward being the best version of myself that I know to be at any given moment and that is the best that I can do.  And when I feel the need to distance myself from a situation, group, or whatever because of it having a more negative influence in my life then I am going to do what is best for me and distance myself.

I just wanted to share this with ya’ll in the hopes that maybe it will help someone else who might be dealing with similar situations in their own lives.  I hope that you find encouragement and inspirations in these very real, very imperfect words of mine and that stuff that I deal with in my own life.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you deal with similar situations or if you find this helpful.  I know it is easier said  than done in a lot of cases, but I believe that it is worth the work that it takes.  Here’s to a life free from being a people pleaser.